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Hi. I’m officially a fourth year student First week had been hell for me I already feel so low and I even doubt if I would graduate on time With the scores that I’ve been having, my hopes have already died down I’ve been casually avoiding friends and family because I just want to sulk…


Piercings, tattoos, hair color, the way we dress Just some example of stereotypes that we encounter every day Growing up in a “conservative” place as they describe it I say, a judgmental place I rarely see people who have tattoos, piercings and hair color In fact, I can only count it using my fingers I…


Negative thought starts eating me up Suddenly reflection flashes through my lens Then, starts sinking in I’m not alone in this fight But then, it’s a cycle of never ending doubting yourself How do I even fight my monsters? When am I going to overcome this? Will I ever get pass this feeling?

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Realist. Sarcastic.Coffee lover. Currently a fourth year college student.

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